I do not know. Me and to Chen, probably the case. Zhao Mo Sheng Chen probably did wholesale jerseys from china not have time and brought me to remark, because to say anything to Sum always had. And I have the courage to say it again. I am satisfied with the status quo, and now seems to be back to the past, although no further between us, but there is no more a people. In fact, I am weak, afraid to take the initiative to pursue what only expect one day he will look back. Just lonely and more concentrated. I'm good to anyone, but it is no good friends. Zhao Mo Sheng gone, nobody invited me to go shopping, I did not try on clothes in a warm cheer, and no one informed me a month in advance of my birthday is coming ...... I think trance, I also like the friends. Just have to Sum between us. 4 University for four years, day after day wasted in the past, when I was alone graduate, roommates sigh of wonder. When wholesale nfl jerseys paypal one of my female students graduate diploma in one hand, one hand and marriage certificates, San Huofan Then we finished on the wedding feast, a time for the elephants. Please get the first month's salary when Sum dinner, I take it as a joke to tell him that he was a bit disappointed listening to God, casually said:. "I was also planning to get married after graduation." I was shocked at him. He saw that he seemed to say something, eyes passing touch of sadness. One o'clock we do not speak. I slowly calmed down and said:. "To Chen, the last mom asked me do you have a girlfriend, you should also find a girlfriend now." At this moment this sentence, I put it wholeheartedly. Already wasted four years of college so I understand, after Zhao Mo Sheng, Chen perhaps why anyone would love, but definitely not me. I'm not old why Rose, and now I hope that he can fall in love with someone, but this time, I would like to wish. Although heartache. He turned away a few words lightly, did not pick this topic. This meal in some far-fetched to spend the topic, checkout time, although that is my treat, but still paid the money to Chen. Waiter looking for change, such as time, Chen got up to go to the bathroom. The waiter took the change for me, he has not come back to see his jacket hanging on a chair, I reached out and pulled out his wallet in the coat pocket, trying to change into them. Open the wholesale nike jerseys paypal wallet, I saw that picture. What seems to be from the torn documents, as well as traces of the above Seal. Photo on the ponytail girl, big eyes smile curved like a crescent moon, a pair of sunny look. Very familiar smile, but I have not seen for a long time. In Chen came back, I took the wallet breathed a daze, the fortress was too late to go back, simply generously put money back to him. "Looking for change." "Ah." He nodded and took over, look calm, as it was when Zhao Mo Sheng just go. I now understood why he was in this expression meaning. Calm because there wholesale jerseys paypal are already some decisions. Decided to wait.
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