"No, they end up together." I do not know where to adhere to, "she'll be back." My colleagues probably surprised expression firmly: "How Rose, you're not her, how do you know?" I do not have to answer. Just tell myself over and over again in my heart to say, how she can not come back? He has been waiting for her. But, we did not expect such a long time actually. Wait is not terrible, terrible is not know when is the end. One, two ...... fifth year, sixth year ...... Seventh year. That day I took my mother to bring him pickles, it was found stuffed inside the refrigerator was not any food, empty, so I told him to go wholesale nfl jerseys cheap to the supermarket. Supermarket crowded on weekends. I walked and chatted about each other's situation with Chen and his last met, is already two months ago. Then what I seem to hear the wholesale football jerseys cheap sound of the collapse. Inadvertently back. Hong Ta sound I saw her. From the last to see her in Kentucky, until now, has spent seven years time. I suddenly felt like this a long time but I look back moment. Marshes. I'm just getting old becomes the heart, only to become increasingly hard shell Sum. And she seems to have not changed. Only on the other side of a carefree smile. That night wholesale nike jerseys cheap I went home and sat on the sofa, watching wholesale jerseys cheap was getting lit up. Too busy, rent cottages have been a long time without good finishing, that potted balcony, bought to throw in there, do not know when opened flower, the petals do not know when it was half withered by the wind and rain, only left a residual red swing in the morning breeze. Suddenly felt as if this unknown flower. One bloom, one bloom, all these years from start to finish, no inquiries.
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