"Slightly to drunkenly Island, we put off the wedding." Shell slightly on the game, see the game "husband" Zhenshuiwuxiang sent me such a message. Pico could not help a bit dumbfounded. Is not it, but bad quarters of broadband repair two weeks, only ten days of effort in this, on the "feelings" of? Slightly waited a long time before returning to the past: "Why?" Zhenshuiwuxiang:. "Slightly, sorry, because you do not ask, I send you a fairy control equipment as compensation." There alimony? Fat little bit embarrassing. "No matter." Game already married when not true, original and Zhenshuiwuxiang will marry, but also to do the task, only a couple wholesale football jerseys usa have a task to do, so the gang of single men and women who have married, no real water Hong sent a message asking him to marry can slightly, slightly thought agreed. Now there are six months of marriage, although slightly nauseating looking over her husband never went to her husband, has been really address him by the name of the water, but the tacit cooperation, to do battle alongside more, it seems a bit revolutionary feelings. However, the game Well ...... Message back slightly in the past: "I'll be right over." A little game character "reed slightly" rode island began to drunkenly wholesale nike jerseys usa ran. "Reed slightly" is a brilliant clothing of a red Woman. Slight play this "sleepwalking arena" game on the market is one of the hottest martial arts online game, in fact, other aspects of the game and there is no prominent place, except the art is very powerful, and more particularly the role of men and women have roles 18 are available. Woman in red slightly selection of candidates is relatively rare, not that Woman does not look pretty, wholesale jerseys usa but because her weapon is a knife. Knife than elegant jade flute than the white ribbon dancing, as compared to Autumn Hong soft sword than Emei Ci, it is not beauty, it is not feminine, so few girls choose, but like slightly, slightly feel very sturdy, very consistent with her ??image. Ran immersed Island, and together they drink Forget Love Potion, the system announces: "reed slightly" broken and "Zhenshuiwuxiang" feelings, announced their divorce, from Nanhunnvjia independently of each other. Zhenshuiwuxiang cents is equipped to give a slightly, slightly point the cancellation, did not accept, sent a smile, a very bold red Woman's gone. The next day at noon, slightly after lunch on the line, a good friendship gang girl Raytheon Nini message came: "slightly, how is it that you and the water really divorced eight pm to hear him and?? rain Yao Yao married hey! " Slightly: "......" Raytheon Nini: "really off the ah?" Slightly: "Yes ah." Raytheon Nini: "Oh, pity, really water, people full of good, did not think the fans will be as color ah, but that wholesale nfl jerseys usa is indeed full of beautiful rain Oh, Yao Yao."
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